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Location: New York
Date: 2021 - 2022

Details: Located in Manhattan's Broadway neighborhood, Chai's location attracts tourists from all over the world, as well as old New Yorkers living nearby. In order to bring the pure culture of Beijing, China to New York, and integrate it into the metropolitan environment with a new pattern, we refer to Beijing's traditional architectural structures, as well as folk visual elements.


四合院 Siheyuan

Siheyuan is a type of quadrangle houses, in which the courtyard is surrounded by houses from four sides. Only the old Beijingners inherit Siheyuan.
It is usually inhabited by large families and provides a relatively secret courtyard space from the outside world. The design implies the strict hierarchy in Chinese tradition and Yin-Yang philosophy.

Element: Craved wooden window, Tiles, Fruit tree


胡同 Hutong

Same as Siheyuan, Hutong is another architectual style that represents Beijing's
Folk Culture. Hutong is a very narrow street sided by houses and stores. It is a closed culture, and the essence of this culture is "forbearance". Most of the Beijing citizens are self-disciplined, take care of what is wrong, and love to watch the lively, but they don’t like to meddle in their own affairs, stay out of it and watch from the sidelines.” In short, under the premise of this “forbearance” thought, Beijing citizens in the hutongs live a quiet, comfortable, Peaceful life. There is no intrigue here, there is no self-interest, there is only tranquility and indifference.

Element: Stone floor, Narrow walking space, Boston ivy


纸鹫 Zhi-Jiu

This colorful swallow pattern is from Beijing's traditional kite design. The kite can be used as design element to bring back Beijing's memory. Among the many kites in Beijing, there is a kite with the best performance, the greatest influence on the whole country, and the most representative kite, which is the

"Shayan'er" shaped like a "big" character. The plane of the swallow's head is deformed, its eyebrows are raised, and its eyes are full of energy, which is endowed with human emotions. Coupled with the pair of scissor tails, it makes people seem to think of swallows.

Element: Swallow pattern

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