Ben Li

Marketing & Branding Solution

Client: Kimura
  • Rebranding

                Logo, Menu, Drink Menu, Dessert Menu,                           Business card, Custom Utensils

  • Interior & Exterior Decoration

                Bar, Backyard upgrade,
                Outdoor dinning decor, Interior wall decor

  • Social Media Content

                Photography, Content Writing, Poster

Location: New York
Date: 2020 - 2021

Details: Japanese culture is known for its sophistication and politeness. Japanese hot pot is rare in New York. The warm soup base and down-to-earth atmosphere not only attracted western guests, but also allowed Japanese guests in New York to experience the taste of their hometown. In order to make the environment more realistic and relaxing, we refer to the decoration of izakaya and hot pot restaurants all over Japan, and add the pattern painting of the Japanese summer festival to make the whole store more rich and lively.


横丁 Yokocho (Japanese Alleyway)

Yokocho is surrounded by izakayas, bars and restaurants tucked away in the streets of Japan.

Element: Street Design, Lanterns, Signage, Bamboo curtains



Izakaya embodies a late-night culture where no matter who the diners are or where they come from, they can find their own place in the izakaya. A pot of hot wine and two dishes of side dishes are the joy and satisfaction that spring up in customer's heart.

Element: Music, Lanterns, Menu board, Vintage posters


Street Food

Yakisomen(Japanese Fried Rice) and other street food are very popular during Matsuri. The same sauce taste as takoyaki, it's amazing



At community-hosted celebrations, people parade the streets to promote the local charm. Many festivals in Japan use mountain bikes (floats) and mikoshi. The mountain bike is carried forward by people, and the mikoshi is carried by people and paraded around the town. The use of flutes, drums, bells, etc. to play festival music on the coaster is also a habit unique to Japanese festivals.

Element: Painting, Decor

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