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Client: Szechuan Mountain House
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Location: New York
Date: 2020 - 2021

Details: Szechuan Mountain House has been around for many years in New York. As one of the first Sichuan restaurants to open in New York, it is famous for its authentic taste and the aesthetic of the Han Dynasty idlers. When promoting and upgrading the brand, starting from every element and detail such as the takeaway card, we have paid great attention to restoring the natural and free spirit of Szechuan Mountain House. 



Taoism advocates Tao(the way), nature, inaction, and harmonious coexistence with nature.The easy-going thought of rule by Tao is exactly in line with the ideal of hermits of all ages.


Freehand Brush Work

Free brush strokes and flying ink colors. compared with meticulous brushwork paintings, it can better reflect the charm of the depicted scene and express the author's feelings more directly.

Element: Wall decor, Painting, Calligraphy, Poetry


Chinese Traditional Music

The art of Zheng is not to show off the skills in performance, but to express the connotation with emotion, the expression is euphemistic and subtle, and the charm is long. The Zheng music is a glimpse of the simple and elegant Chinese national culture. Through its musical texture flowing like a song, it creates a vivid musical image.

Element: Zheng music


Tea Ceremony

The tea ceremony is the way to appreciate the beauty of tea. It is also regarded as a life art of cooking and drinking tea, a life etiquette with tea as a medium, and a way of life with tea. Tea can calm the mind, help to cultivate sentiment and remove distracting thoughts.

Element: Tea service, Tea pot, Tea utensils decor


Zen Gardern

The courtyard is generally composed of trees, vegetation, water bowls, bamboo fences, lanterns, stones and sandstones, etc. The Zen and wabi-sabi conveyed, and the way of life, through long-term tempering and exploration, have obtained a refined and powerful aesthetic style.

Element: Stones, Bamboo, Water bowl, Tiles, Wooden structure

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