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Client: Cheli
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                Business Card, Signage, Poster, Menu,
                Drink Menu, Custom Utensils

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Invitation Design
  • Event Planning

               2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Full Plan & Execute
               2021 Dragon Boat Festival Full Plan & Execute

  • Interior Decoration

                Wall Decor, Bathroom Decor, Display Shelf

  • Social Media Content

                Photography, Content Writing, Video,          Posters, Website

Location: New York City
Date: 2021 - 2022

Details: Complete design and typographic work for the collected poems of early 20th century writer Edna Howe. Howe was and is largely unknown outside of scholars of the Maine Transcendental Modernist tradition. This was a life changing project — Ms. Howe’s poems are remarkable examples of American sublimity.


Water town in Jiang Nan

Jiangnan district is famous for its graceful beauty of nature and Hui Style Architecture. That is, there are many carvings and decorations, but very few colored paintings. The walls are made of white tiles and gray, and the wood is brown-black or brown-red. Compared with the gorgeous colors of the north, it is very elegant.

Since the Western Jin Dynasty, there have been many wars in the north. In order to seek peace, people have fled to the south. This brought sufficient human resources and advanced science and technology culture to the south, and this area became more culturally prosperous. Colleges and private schools were popularized, and education was common. As a result of the emphasis on teaching and writing, the citizens in Jiang Nan are more educated and have a higher level of education.

Element: White wall & black tiles(Hui style Architecture), Wood ornament, Water path, Zen-style plants


Traditional Stores

Traditional stores like mortgage shop is very representative for Jiang Nan's vintage culture. They have the exquisite and practical characteristics of Jiangnan in terms of structural design and material selection.

In addition to mortgage shops, tea shops are also common street. The tea shop is very casual, literati wrote poems and paintings here, and the people chatted about their daily life here.

Element: Wood structure, Calligraphy, Flag, DIsplay shelf


The Slender-Gold-Style

The Slender-Gold-Style is a type of calligraphy created by Emperor Hui Zong of Song. It is flexible and fast, and the handwriting is thin and vigorous, so thin without losing its flesh, and its large characters are especially graceful and graceful.

Element: Red Stamp, Slender-Gold-Style Calligraphy


Art from Song Dynasty

The emphasis of Song Dynasty painting is placed on excavating the mental appearance and moving plots of the characters. Painting pursues beautiful and moving artistic mood, pays attention to real and ingenious artistic expression, and strives to refine the image, with a high degree of realism.

Element: Painting

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