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Client: Fleuriv
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Location: Shanghai / New York
Date: 2022

Details: In the twenty-first century of globalization, China is facing the challenge of finding its cultural context in the global fashion arena. As time passed and society's structure shifted, the traditions of the Chinese wardrobe can only be preserved as the function and aesthetic of clothes are suitable for modern people's daily living habits. To inherit the culture's essence, we believe that a certain amount of transformation is needed in the design process when passing down the traditions. FLEURIV believes that the language of textiles and apparel should be fluid to fit in different time frames.

The industry's current symbolic presentation of the context is too narrow to cover the profound Chinese wisdom. Hence, we are here to offer a few more possible directions for the Chinese contextualized fashion by exploring the treasure our ancestors have left through contemporary art and design thinking, with apparel as the medium.

We hope our presentation is youthful, lively, and agile with a hint of humor instead of a piety appraisal of tradition without fully exploring what is possible.

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